Sunday, May 6, 2012

Senior Citizen Livin'!

Here are the ups and downs of my exciting week as caretaker / partaker in senior citizen living!
First, some background on the borough of Berlin. It's is a tiny town up in the mountains of western PA. My Dad spent his entire life here and grew up in the same house. It was a small school where he was quarterback for the football team, played basketball and baseball, was president of the student council, wrote for the newspaper, and I'm not kidding you when I say was part of like every other club. The town has no stop lights; just 2 flashing lights at each end of town. The grocery store has like 6 aisles and I love it! More about that on day 3. It's hard to explain the houses and what the town looks like. It's soooo different from Texas. I love it and I love visiting, but I don't think I could live here.

Day 1: My Aunt Amy and my cousin Angele were still here most of the day so that was lovely! My aunt and I went to the tiny, pretty Catholic church where I have been to mass several times. As we left the house my Nonna said "I hope the priest shows up!!" Apparently, Father has just not shown up for mass. Shady stuff. Anyways, Aunt Amy and I were freaking out because everyone basically sits in the same seat every Sunday and we were terrified we were going to tick off a local by taking their spot. I think the choir loft missed Nonna, the priest gave a 3 minutes homily, and we were out of there in 40 minutes tops. For basically the rest of the afternoon we sat around the kitchen table and just laughed about silly things. Whenever the women of this side of the family gets together we will, without fail, talk about our Italian problems. We talk about the weird places we get hair, how we take care of it, the goings ons in our armpit region, how we fix it, and just other things that maybe you just don't want to hear about. But I love it because it makes the really long arm hairs I somtimes get or me having to take care of my lady stache a little less weird. It's always a blast.

 One minute we were sitting there and then we heard a "tap!tap!tap!" in the chimney that sounded like someone banging on metal. My aunt darts from the table and runs outside leaving my cousin and I sitting there like "uhhh...." Turns out they have been hearing this noise all week and my Nonna frets about these sorts of things. She frets a lot. They think it's a bird and Aunt Amy has been trying to get a glimpse at the culprit all week. She comes back in and confirms that it was a bird which started about 20 questions from my Nonna
N: "well what kind?"    A: "I don't know, Mom"
N:" well is it black?"    A: "Not sure, definitly a dark color"
N: "Brown?"                A: "Maybe"
N: "well how big is it   A: "Like a normal size bird....really Mom I'm not a bird expert. I don't know"
N: "well why do you think he's doing that"   A: "Not sure..."
N: "You don't think it could be a woodpecker do you?"

I'll spare you, but this went on for, I kid you not, at least another 10 questions. My aunt, cousin and I moved on in the conversation and were talking for about 5 minutes, probably about hair removal products, and Nonna was just sitting there all quiet (which is not the norm) then shouts out


This my be one of those you had to be there/have to know my Nonna sort of situations but it was so funny. She had been sitting there that entire time thinking and fretting about that bird. We just couldn't stop laughing. Then, we told her that we don't think it's a dove.

My cousin and I asked about how my Pap and Nonna met and that was a really cool moment for me to hear their entire relationship story. Twas precious. They met in highschool and Pap was older so he went to Penn and Nonna went to work. They long distance dated all through Pap's years at Penn to which I asked...
K: "ok, how did that work?
N: "I would go with his parents to see his football games on the weekends. We'd spend summers together.
N: "And oh, LOTS OF LETTERS. ::long pause:: I guess I need to get rid of those before I die..."
My cousin and I almost peed ourselves. She clearly doesn't want people reading those letters!

 After a while my aunt and cousin had to leave, starting what I knew would be an interesting week with just me and Nonna. sidenote: Apparently, my aunt's boyfriend has been partial to calling my Nonna (whose first name is Louise) Wheezy. I think it is HILARIOUS! I don't know why we haven't thought it before. I'm disappointed in us. So the week with lil wheezy and I began. We watched TV then Nonna started getting all fretty. She started fretting about this "rubbing" in her hip and that they were taking out the staples the next morning. She got herself all worked up, despite my reassurances, and couldn't go to sleep so she suggested that maybe taking a pain pill would help. I TOTALLY agreed and skipped to get the pain pills :)

Day 2: Nonna is about 2 weeks out from surgury and is doing really well so she can get up and dress herself and get her cereal, which I won't lie to you, I really appreciate that. Today the nurse and the PT came. Both were lovely ladies. The nurse removed the staples and Lil Wheezy said she couldn't even feel it. And, the PT told her the rubbing was totally normal as long as it doesn't hurt! Huzzah! No more fretting about that. The rest of the day revolved around day time television, pill taking, and our next meal. I am soaking in this slow paced life! I went for a run and just enjoyed lounging and hanging out with my boyfriend (my Kindle).

Day 3: Got up and did our breakfast and coffee whilst watching Live With Kelly. Oh how I love Kelly! Then Nonna continued her day time television watching. She loves her soaps. My uncle likes to tease her and call it her soft porn. I went for my run and I had to share this picture I took. I ran to the outside of town (please, do not be impressed thinking I ran great distances) and this was just beautiful. It's kinda hard to see in the pictures but it's just rolling hills and mountains in the background, and farms and giant windmills and I just lurve it. I wish I could say I just ran for miles and miles, but I'm out of shape, there were hills, and I'm way out of my elevation comfort zone so it was a walk/jog situation.

When I got back we made a grocery list and it was off to the grocery store. Ok this store is like a glorified convient store. I mean I think Bucees has more going on than this joint. And I liked it just fine. You could get all your basics and that was fine with me. I mean I love me some HEB. But, I just liked the simplicity of it all. Very refreshing. Then, it was off to the drug store/hallmark type store across the street. They love Nonna around there. Finally, I stopped at the little ice cream hut that is open in the spring and summer to get Nonna and I a treat. Let me tell you something...I've been stopping by that ice cream hut a long time and it is UHmazing. The dreamsicle flavor is the best I've ever had. Wheezy was so happy about her treat. When I got home her and her friend were gossiping about people and their grandkids and speculating about how many tellers the new bank in town will have. The rest of the day consisted of pulling the weeds out of her flower beds, more day time television and we watched a movie

It was a great week...I took her and a few of her friends out of the house for her birthday on Thursday "into town" for dinner. The ladies and I had a lovely time. I'll spare you all the details of the rest of the week but I just loved getting to spend time with her, my cousins, and my aunt and uncle. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hi! Long time without a post. You're shocked, I know. I'm currently in Berlin, PA chillin with my Nonna after her hip surgery. I think I'll do a post on my week of senior citizen livin' later in the week because as of right now I'm only on Day 2. So far the day is scheduled around when we'll eat next, day time television, and pill takin time. We even had a grand adventure and sat on the back porch a while. I'll be honest, I thought I was going to have a hard time with this schedule. But, so far I'm loving it. It is a simple life and I am going to enjoy it this week. I'm also really enjoying taking care of Nonna. I think there is value and a great love in taking care of your elders, and I'm honestly glad I'm getting the opportunity to do it. I look forward to give you a full recep of my senior citizen livin' at the end of the week!

Side note: I'm watching The Voice and yall Adam Levine is flawless. FLAWLESS. Also that model girlfriend of his broke up with him and broke his heart and I am ticked. How dareth she!! I don't care that she herself is a model and is also flawless...who does she think she is!?

I'm going to make a declaration. I am going to workout 5 days in a row this week. Day 1: check! Seriously, if I can't work out everyday this week I have no excuse. If I can't squeeze in a run between The Ellen Show and my afternoon nap then I just GIVE UP! I hope this public declaration gives me motivation or at least it may shame me into doing it on Day 5.

T-minus about a month and a half before I leave for San Angelo. Just typing that gave me a weird pressure in my chest. I'm nervous. I'm also feeling about as ready as I can possibly feel. This past year has been an interesting one for me. I feel like I have grown in independence and self-assuredness, and I have zero clue has this happened. I just know I feel different than I did a few months ago. I've noticed I am holding myself to more "adult" standards so maybe that's why I feel more mature? Maybe some of your are shaking your heads and saying "aw, that's cute. She thinks she's more mature." All I know is that I am not yet 23 (and I haven't been in any hurry to be 23), but for the past 6 months I've beening throwing around the "I'm 23 years old" card either to prove to my parents I'm an adult and that they have to treat me like one, or when something silly and immature happens to point out that my friends and I are adults and we have to act like it. Haha because clearly 23 year olds are so much more mature than 22 year olds. I guess I'm already feeling 23, and this is the first time that I've felt a certain age before I was actually there. I know I'm not perfect and nor will I be. I will probably throw a fit like a middle school girl at some point, but for the most part I just feel like this upcoming birthdays will be on of those ones where I wake up and feel older. Ok, let's end this scene of introspective-ness

That's all :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

    I have not posted it FOeva! I know the one person who reads this blog is gonna be pumped to see this pop up on their reader. I apologize in advance for the complete randomness I think this post will be.

First THE BIG NEWS! I was accepted to Angelo State's Physical Therapy program!!!!! I think I am still in shock that this has finally happened. It's been a long, rejection filled road so this BIG YES is still rocking my world. I got the news sitting at my desk at work when I checked my email. Naturally, I ran into my Dad's office and ran around in tiny circles screaming DAD DAD DAD! And, naturally, he thought I was in some sort of mortal danger. First, he looked up with confusion & alarm. Then, he jumped from his desk chair ready to kick ass. I swear he was about to go all Liam Neeson in Taken on someone. So I stopped the yelling and the tiny circle running and quickly told him I got into school. It took a few, long seconds for him to switch gears to excitement, but then we went all sweet and proud father on me. It twas HILARIOUS!

I really am excited about school. I'm relieved. I'm hopeful. I've known this is what I want to do and I'm ready to get goin' with it all ready! I'm also nervous and anxious. To be quite honest Angelo State was not my first choice. It feels so far from everything. I have the feeling in my stomach I had the night before 6th grade, freshman year of high school, and freshman year of college. Its the transition. In my experience they are never easy in the beginning but ALWAYS get better. The transition is scary, but I'm totally hopeful this is what God wants for me so I'm goin' for it.

To cope with the nervousness of moving to somewhere new I'm getting SO excited about decorating an apartment. I have ideas and opinions about home decor and I am so freakin' excited. I'm also going to get a dog. I want to adopt a 6 month to 1 year old puppy before I go so I have a friend and study buddy :) I have wanted a dog for a long time so don't worry, this decision is anything but rash. Now for your entertainment...



194921490091694581.jpg This one make me laugh out loud every.single.time



Enough of that before I run off to a shelter and scoop up a puppy! I have a lot of thoughts and events to catch up on so the rest of this blog will be bullet form. 

  •  I got a Kindle for Christmas and as much as I love books I must admit I love Kindle. I call him my boyfriend and we spend wonderful, love-filled hours together.

  • We had a big party for my Mom to celebrate her being done with chemo. It was one of my favorite nights ever. We surprised her with family & friends at La Parmigiana and EVERYONE we invited came! I told her it was due to her 100% popularity rating. It was beautiful to see her so excited and have something truly awesome to celebrate. I decorated the tables with pink tulle, pink vases filled with black feathers, and zebra candles :) We ate, we drank, we toasted and we didn't miss cancer one bit.
  • I LOVE THE HOUSTON RODEO. I'm going to see Lady Antebellum and Eli Young. Yee freakin' haw! The Cattle Scramble is some of the best entertainment on the planet

  • I enjoy work sometimes! We had this convention thingy called Houston Insurance Day. Folks in the insurance biz called it I-Day. I was basically in charge in decorating our booth and making it awesome. It was stressful and I was so glad after it was over. This 11 second clip is EXACTLY what I-Day is . SWAAAAG!  After our booth was all setup and the margarita machine was brewin' (yes we lured agents to our booth with booze. We are a classy folk) I walked around gettin all sorts of sweet swag! It was awesome. I feel like these pictures don't really do our booth justice, but I wanted to show these off because I worked really hard on it. I was really happy with the way it turned out and our booth was definitely one of the top ones there :) 
0.jpg  a close up of the boot bouquets that were sitting on the table


our Texas Western inspired Red, White, and Blue booth :)

* On my desk sits the Awkward Family Photo Calendar my aunt got me for Christmas. It is one of the highlights of my day to rip off the photo from the day before and see the new, horrifying, hilarious awkwardness. Here are some greats :)



That's all for now! 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pintrest Challenge: Blog Stalking Style

So Kristen and I read Young House Love (link here)  and Bower Power (link here) fairly religiously. We think they are the greatest and I'm convinced that if we met them they'd like us and we'd all be friends. We have things in common! For example, my name is Katie too and I think I love bacon just as much as Katie Bower. I've always said that bacon is the candy of meats. Its wonderful. Anyways, we are two, single post-grads who had nothing to do on a Friday night so we not only decided to participate in the Pinterest challenge...we took it one (slightly creepy) step further. Since we'd love to be just like them, we took Katie and Sherry's Pinterest Challenge pics (link here)  and attempted to copy. Too bad it was 9:30 pm at night and I kept yelling "Kristen! We have no TREEEES!" We tried our best...

I felt like these need captions. Katie: "We pinned something we loved"
Kristen: "Katie & Sherry!"
Katie: "we wanna be just like you"
Kristen: "So on a Friday night two post-grads..."
Katie: "baked like rock stars"
Kristen: "and brushed our shoulder's off (gangsta style)"
we thought it looked like Sherry was brushin' her shoulders off Jay Z style (link here) 
                                                       I really hope you clicked the Jay Z link
We repeat...not creepy! 
 And I actually think Kristen looks like Sherry from Young House Love!! Do you see it?

After our impersonation attempts were over we finally decided to get on with the Pinterest baking. Kristen provided us with completely sexy pink sequins hats that we NEEDED to wear whilst baking.

We first attempted this  Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake (link here). I'll be honest, it didn't really turn out well. First, I was convinced that we had lemon juice but turns out we didn't and I was too lazy to go to the store at 10pm so we used lime juice. We thought we were totally brilliant at the time. It's kinda sorta pretty much the same thing! Right? Well, that made it taste more like a weak key lime pie. Secondly, I don't think there was enough strawberry swirl. And finally, we started some intense girl talk while it was in the oven and completely forgot about it, and the poor little guy burned to death. So all in all it was PinFail.


Swirling furiously

Consulting Pinterest

Our mixing champion

Then we did something simple...that we couldn't burn. Hershey Pretzel Pinterest (link here)

We melted Hershey's hugs and put an M&M in the middle. Easy, appealing, and yummy. I'm NOT a great baker so this was right up my alley. 

This picture is gross and sad. I imagine it's what I would look like if I was addicted to crack. We planned on cutting out the middle of the strawberries, dipping them in white chocolate, then filling them with cheesecake. But leave it to yours truly to burn the chocolate. I was so upset about it. 

I tried to prove to Kristen we could still eat the chocolate. 

Our hats. 

WE did fill the strawberries with cheesecake and dip them in graham cracker crumbs, and they turned out just lovely. I've had a pretty strict direct of cheesecake strawberries all weekend.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blog O' Pictures

I haven't done a post in a while so I thought I'd let pictures and captions do the talking :] I will say this though...I cannot wait for Fall. I want the cold. I want scarves. I want boots. I want hats. I want to watch football in the cold. I want soup. I needs it all!! Cometh cold front :)

Amanda, Liv, and Katie J: Out to dinner for Liv's Bday! Its a place that only serves Mac n Cheese dishes. Amazing. 

lurve them :]
Then we went for cupcakes 

After dinner and cupcakes we went to a bar in Houston that has private karaoke rooms. I cannot begin to explain how fun this is. I want to do it everyday!

Katie J 

Naturally, we had props

Too. Much. Fun

Nicole, me, Liv, Diana

Me saying goodbye to Rhonda. Little did I know that in about  2 minutes I would get the news that there was an issue with the bank loan and I would not be able to take my new baby car home. Rhonda LIVES! 

Bye Rhonda. She was good to me. She was a hardy steed. Surviving flash floods, large tree limbs, and roommate driving :]  Apparently she'll be going to Mexico :/
Katie J saying goodbye

Me! In my new car! Finally! I love him! I realize there are no pictures of the actual car. I shall work on that.
This is Oliver, our office fish. I've never seen a fish more spoiled. 

Woe, despair, and devastation. We planned to go to the Texas State fair to let our inner elementary selves go crazy to some Hanson. They cancelled the night before because they got "sick". Booo, you whore, Indeed!
Despite our disappointment we went anyways and had a lovely time. Fried shat everywhere! And no I could not bring myself to experience Fried Butter 
Ugly Mo
Fried S'more! 

Very excite

This was a real pumpkin!
Kristen: "I don't understand why this isn't a point of interest on the map! People NEED to see this!" 

I copied. It was too cute. 

Statues O' Butter!!
Como say what?! Yes, made entirely of butter

The one "ride" we did was a fun house called Bubble Town. Did we know it was called Bubble Town before we paid to go in? Nah. It wasn't until we got to the end hallway that was completely covered in bubbles that we realized our messy mistake. The girl in the pink shirt on the left (with bubbles in her hair) was "part of the attraction". She hung out in the bubble tube of doom and terrorized people with bubbles. Kinda had to be there to appreciated how funny it was. 

She's so hot. And she's gonna be a hot nurse. My friend got into nursing school! 

Me, Eliza, Kristen, Amanda, and J celebrating Kristen and her hotness/getting into nursing school